Trust E-mail

Our clients trust us because we work with honesty, knowledge and profesionality, establishing mutual respect and sincere relationships and of trust with the clients, suppliers and collaborators, committed to satisfy their needs. As part of our work, we guarantee the confidentiality in the information and our clients' business in front of their competition.Trust in Drynuts, S.L.

All they are national and international 1st line importers, in the sector of dried fruits and dehydrated fruits. And with most of them exist a continuous commercial relationship for many years.   
The trust that they give us is one of the most valuable intangible assets for our company, which encourages us to continue offering them day by day our service and collaboration.

Our suppliers are producers that come in their majority from Turkey, Iran, India, USA, China, Argentina, Chile, France, etc. As a result of a close relationship with them, we have established preferential representation contracts and of exclusivity for the commercialization of their products.

Their productive processes are modern and they give products of high quality for specific markets, thanks to the traceability plans that use. For this reason they carry out preset procedures that they allow to know the path, the location and the trajectory of their products until the delivery to the final client.

It is necessary to highlight our presence for many years in the market of Turkey. For this reason we have a partner through which we channel the business carried out in that country.